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18.01.2014 – 24.02.2014


Our wind transmitter arrived from Austria (the local dealer was not able or willing to do the warranty exchange) und worked (hopefully longer than the last one). The day before we wanted to leave Le Phare Bleu marina on Grenada was a dinghy concert – live band on a barge right in the open bay; everyone sitting in dinghies tied up to the barge listening – it was quite an experience.

When we came home after the concert I checked our Dolphin striker and saw that the mounting was broken – departure delayed; we have to repair that. Quite amazingly the next day I found a place that could make a new Dolphin striker within two hours and in the eveninig everything was fixed an ready to leave. Sometimes things work out just fine!

We left Le Phare Bleu on February 5th to go north. We treid for a while to go up on the east side of Grenad but had to realize that there was no way we could sail hard on the wind against the waves. New plan – we go around the southern tip and up the west coast – the lee side of the island - that worked. Due to the longer route we had to anchor once on the west side fort he night. Next morning we took off at sunrise to cross over to Carriacou – hard piece of work. We sailed west of the underwater vulcano – „Kick `em Jenny“ – and arrived in good time Tyrell Bay. Lots of ships – ist a very well known anchorage in the Caribbean. After a few days we motored over to famous Sandy Island – a postcard setting – and anchored in front of Hillsborough – the capital of Carriacou – a nice little village. It was lovely to join the locals in Sunday mass at the catholic church.

We cleared out of Grenada and sailed over to Petite Martinique, the northernmost island of Grenada – very small. Just across the bay – maybe 500 yards lies Petite St. Vincent – the very exclusive resort on this private island; part of the neighbouring country St.Vincent and the Grenadines. People who anchor over there come for dinner in a restaurant on Petite Martinique – borders are here somewhat not so precise.

Next morning our refrigerator had decided – once again – to quit working. The pump was dead. But we were sailing to Union Island anyway – the place to clear into St.Vincent an the Grenadines. What I found somewhat interesting was tthat the customs officer asked me to donate to some local wellfare organisation – who can say no to a question like that of an official upon clearing in. So I did my donation – hope it reaches its proper destination.

I even found a mechanic who ordered a new pump for my refrigerator for EC 300,00. Two days later it even arrived – amazing! With some improvising the refrigerator worked again. Since strong winds where on the forecast we deciede to stay a little longer on Union Island and I – first time on our voyage – took out my windsurfer. It was two days of wonderfull windsurfing, even though my 20 year old material showed its limits – looks like I have to find a new windsurfer soon.

Finally the weather turned nicer. So we lifted anchor and sailed up to the Tobago Cays – said to bet the prettiest anchorage in the Caribbean - and for us so far it definitely was. Clear bright blue waters, we swam with turtles, snorcheled on the reef and saw hundreds of conch shells and several lobsters (alive not on the grill). It is definitely a place you dont want to miss – a little paradise.

After three days we carefully worked our way through the reefs on the north of the Tobago Cays, sailed by Canouan and dropped anchor in Port Elizabeth on Bequia – the books say the best anchorage between Martinique and Grenada. Probably a hundred boats had the same idea, but Admiralty Bay in front of Port Elizabeth is big enough that everyone has sufficient space. We enjoyed being back in civilization – ice cream and restaurants and more than cans in the supermarket. The new pump of our refrigerator broke down again; my construction was obviously not percfect yet. Here I could get a new pump for EC 170,00 and build another colling system for our new pump – refrigerator works again – let´s see how long this time.

Martina and I explored the island – she on the bike, I on my Nikes – we explored the north and visited the turtle sanctuary of „Brother“ King; a wonderful place. Next day we explored the south and tried to visit the Moon Hole developement. Unfortunately they did not let us in; its a private condominium kind of settlement – comprising of 14 little stone houses built into the rocks of the southern tipp of Bequia – check it out on the internet – quite amazing, but suspicously secluded; must be owned by some celebrities.

We feel ist time to move north a little faster. On April 9th we want to meet some friends on the BVIs. At the speed we are moving we would get there next year.

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